The Oxford African and Caribbean Society’s Annual Access Conference (AAC) is specifically designed to help state school students of African/Caribbean descent with comprehensive and culturally relevant advice on applying to Oxford.

Free to participate in, and facilitated by current Oxford undergraduates of African/Caribbean descent, the event looks to demystify the Oxford admissions process, equip students with application advice that is sensitive to our cultural context and offer frank and relatable discussions of life at the University.  In addition to the panel discussions, subject sessions and follow up sessions afforded to students, the AAC also aims to assist teachers through sessions led by the Oxford Undergraduate Outreach and Admissions department.

The aim is not to convince every student that they should apply to Oxford. Our ambition is to give students of African/Caribbean backgrounds the platform to engage with, and navigate, the barriers they uniquely face when accessing higher education, and to help build a generation of students whose opportunities don’t feel limited by their social, economic or racial backgrounds.

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